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Chapel Road Primary School, Waterside
St. Patrick's Day Holiday School closed at 12noon on Friday 16th March and reopens Tuesday 20th March 2018 | Bank of England/Scottish Bank £10 notes From Thursday 1st March 2018 we can no longer accept the old Bank of England and Scottish Bank £10 notes as they will not be legal tender
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Mrs Bacheta - <p>Principal</p>
Mrs Bacheta


Miss Kerr - <p>Vice-Principal</p>
Miss Kerr


Mrs Ashford - <p>School Secretary</p>
Mrs Ashford

School Secretary

Mrs McGuckin/Mrs Kyle - <p>Primary 1</p>
Mrs McGuckin/Mrs Kyle

Primary 1

Mrs Conway - <p>Primary 2</p>
Mrs Conway

Primary 2

Mrs Jennings - <p>Primary 3</p>
Mrs Jennings

Primary 3


Mrs Conaghan - <p>Primary 4</p>
Mrs Conaghan

Primary 4

Mrs McCann  - <p>Primary 4</p>
Mrs McCann

Primary 4

Miss Kerr - <p>Primary 5</p>
Miss Kerr

Primary 5

Mrs Barrett - <p>Primary 6</p>
Mrs Barrett

Primary 6

Mr Morrison - <p>Primary 7</p>
Mr Morrison

Primary 7

Miss Ann  - <p>General Classroom Assistant</p>
Miss Ann

General Classroom Assistant


Miss Evonne - <p>General/Special Needs Classroom Assistant</p>
Miss Evonne

General/Special Needs Classroom Assistant

Miss Caroline - <p>Special Needs Classroom Assistant</p>
Miss Caroline

Special Needs Classroom Assistant

Miss Glenda - <p>Special Needs Classroom Assistant</p>
Miss Glenda

Special Needs Classroom Assistant

Miss Sharon - <p>Special Needs Classroom Assistant</p>
Miss Sharon

Special Needs Classroom Assistant